Welcome to Tidelands!

This page contains links to various resources for realtors as well as prospective or current owners.

Welcome Frequently Asked Questions - Document containing all types of information concerning Tidelands
Realtor Q&A 2023 - General Q&A for Realtors
Condo Insurance Request Form - Request form to receive Certificate of Insurance
Estoppels - Information for how to request Estoppels from Artemis
Setting up showings with Envera - Information how to inform Envera gate management for unit sales visits and open houses
Envera Owner-Renter Registration v5 - Form to register with Envera gate management
Rules and Regulations Updated 10-10-2022 - Rules and Regulations for Tidelands

Additional documentation available to the general public may be found in the Documents Library. Community Documents may be viewed without a login. These documents include declarations, charters, and policies.