Rules, Regulations, and Declarations

TC - Rules and Regulations Updated 10-10-2022 is a policy document that contains a list of rules and regulations as approved by the Board of Directors for the Tidelands Condominium Association, Inc. Owners should read and understand the rules and regulations to remain in compliance.
NOTE: Owners who rent should provide their renters with this list as in most cases owners will be held accountable for renter violations.

The Rules and Regulations document makes references to subsections of the Declaration Documents, the details of which can be found in the links below.
   01 - Declaration Documents - pp 01-43 (sections 1 thru 18.15)
   02 - Declaration Documents - pp 44-75 (sections 18.15 continued thru 33)
All Declaration documents are located in the Document Center under the Community Documents folder. This includes the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Articles of Amendment Filing, and Modifications for Short Term Rental Prohibition.

Parking Rules in Tidelands is covered on that webpage.

Additional Policy documents are located in the same location under the Document Center:
- Click the + to expand Community Documents
- Click on Policy Documents
These documents cover a wide range of topics such as guides and policies for owners who rent, unit alterations, garage electricity, delinquency collections, parking policy, and dumpster fines.