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We hope the information in this document will assist you in settling in to your new home. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or stop by the office. On behalf of the entire Tidelands community and Artemis Lifestyles, welcome!

This page contains many resources and answers to questions for Tidelands owners, perspective owners, and realtors.
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Declaimer: In all cases the Rules and Regulations webpage is a complete source for all documents pertaining to rules, regulations, declarations, etc. Click HERE. In case of discrepancies, the declarations supersede any information on this page. 

Assessments, Payments, Reserves

Parking, Passes, Vehicles, Citations

Association Information and Office

Pest Control

Club Amenities


Envera Gate Systems Security

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Insurance Responsibilities & Certificate Requests

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Windows, Coverings, Sun Shades

Assessments, Payments, Reserves


 • What are the monthly assessments and how are they determined?

As of January 1, 2024, the monthly assessment is $735/mo. The 2023 assessment was $697/mo.

The assessment amount is approved by the Board of Directors at the Annual Budget meeting which usually takes place the prior November. The budgets can be found in the Document Center under Community Financials -> <The Year> -> Budgets. The monthly assessment is composed of three required sub-assessments: (1) COA, (2) Club, and (3) Cost Share. Each COA member is required to be a Club member. Additionally, there are certain joint-use areas designated as shared responsibilities between the Tidelands Estates Homeowner’s Association and the COA. The maintenance of these joint-use areas is the responsibility of a third “Cost Share” entity.

 • How can I pay my assessments?

For your convenience, you will receive a “coupon book” to assist in the timely payment of your monthly Condo and Club Association fees. Your book should arrive approximately three weeks after closing and each year.  Please make checks out to: Tidelands COA

There are FIVE ways to make your payments:
 1) In the website My Resident Area HERE (NOTE: Convenience Fees are applied by the payment processor and are NOT set by Tidelands or Artemis)
 2) Using your bank’s eCheck / Bill Pay system sending to the PO Box mail address below (NOTE: make sure your 10-digit COA account number starting 133...... is in your bank's Bill Pay memo line)
 3) By mail using your coupon book and envelope
 4) Without a coupon by mail to: 
     Tidelands COA
     C/O Artemis Lifestyles Services, Inc.
     P.O. Box 620936
     Orlando, FL. 32862
     (NOTE: make sure your 10-digit COA account number starting 133...... is written in your check's memo line)
 5) Using Front Steps Payments
     Customer Service 720-739-3846

 • When is my payment due and is there a late fee?

The payment due date is the 1st of each month. Per the collections policy, a late fee of $25 will be applied on the 15th and interest may also be collected. The full collection policy is located HERE.

 • Where can I check my account balance?

This website has a Resident Area where your can check your Accounting information and balance. Click HERE.

 • Does Tidelands have Reserve Accounts?

Yes. A portion of the monthly assessment is applied to Reserve accounts each month. All three entities COA, Club, and Cost Share have reserves. Reserves are used for long term maintenance items such as roofs, painting, streets, pools, and many more items. The Reserve Studies are available in the Document Center under Community Financials -> Reserve Study. Reserve balances are posted with the financial balance sheets each month.

Association Information and Office

 • What is the Association Name?

The Community Association name is Tidelands Condominium Association, Inc. (“COA”). An owner of a Tidelands condominium is a member of the COA. 

 • Who is the Property Management Company?

The property is managed by Artemis Lifestyles, Inc.

• What is the office location, hours, and contacts?

Tidelands Office
2 Riverview Bend N, Palm Coast, FL 32137
Walk-in hours 2-5pm M-F or by appointment
Phone: (386) 597-5705

Artemis After Hours emergencies:

Marty Labrosse - Community Association Manager -
Lynette Clews - Administrative Assistant -

 • Why is it important to update my contact information?

It is important to advise the office of new or updated contact information including phone numbers and email addresses. In case of emergencies or general communications, the office may send out email blasts.

Club Amenities

 • What Club Amenities are available?

Each COA member is also a member of the Club. Club Amenities include the main Clubhouse, the Game Room, the Gym, main pool and spa, ICW pool and spa, tennis and pickleball courts, fishing and covered piers. Note there is NO SMOKING at any club amenity.

 • Is the Clubhouse available for rent by members?

Yes. Any member in good standing may rent the clubhouse and/or café. See the Clubhouse Reservation web page HERE.

 • What are the pool rules?

Clubhouse and ICW pool hours are posted on their respective gates. ICW pool hours vary during the year. Posted rules are:
 • No lifeguard on duty. USE POOL AT YOUR OWN RISK.
 • Pool hours are posted at the gates. You must leave by the closing time.
 • No swimming while ill. No swallowing pool water.
 • Pool shall close at the first sign of thunder or lightning. Pool may reopen 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard.
 • All swimmers must shower before entering pool or hot tub.
 • NO alcohol, large coolers, glass, or sharp objects permitted. No food or drink within 6 feet of pool or hot tub.
 • Music/audio devices are only allowed with earphones or during club sanctioned events.
 • NO horseplay, hazardous activity, running, or foul/abusive language allowed.
 • Children under sixteen (16) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18+) at all times.
 • NO smoking, vaping or marijuana allowed.
 • Proper swimwear required. Swim diapers must be worn by small children.
 • Flotation devices permitted for non-swimming children up to 5 years of age. Foam pool noodles, snorkels, swim fins and swim masks are allowed.
 • No pets allowed (except certified service animals.)
 • Pool capacity is _____________ persons. (This number varies for each and is posted at the gate.)
Use of the pools and other club amenities is a privilege granted to those of us who reside at Tidelands. Just as in our own homes, we all need to protect our property, follow the rules and show consideration and courtesy to other residents. This can include things like:
 • Returning chairs and tables to their original positions
 • Closing umbrellas and securing side curtains on cabanas after use

 • What are the tennis and pickleball rules?

Tennis and pickleball rules are posted at the courts. In general, no pets, glass, or skateboarding are allowed on the courts.

 • What are the guidelines for the covered and fishing piers?

ICW Fishing and Covered Piers are available for member use but may not be reserved.
 • Observe the rules posted at the piers.
 • Fishing may only take place on the uncovered fishing pier. No fishing from the covered pier.
 • No swimming or jumping from the piers.
 • Do not climb or crawl over the rocks on the banks of the ICW.
 • Please be respectful of your neighbors and the property and clean up after yourself.
 • If your condo unit is very far away, be sure to bring your fob so that you can use the restroom facilities at the ICW Pool if needed.

 • What about the ponds?

There is no fishing, swimming, or pets allowed in the ponds. Storm water runoff from the streets drains into the ponds and provides water for landscape irrigation. Do not dump toxic chemicals into the street drains. Note that alligators may be present.

Envera Gate Systems Security

 • How do I reach Envera and what do they do?

Envera Systems Customer Service - (877) 936-8372 (available 24/7)  Website: Envera manages the front gate systems and KeyFob access for club amenities.

 • How do I get started and set up with Envera?

In order to set up the main security gate access and issue key fobs for the amenities:
 • Complete the Envera Owner-Renter Registration form a copy of which can located by clicking HERE.
 • Provide the office with proof of transfer of ownership (e.g., a copy of the “Warranty Deed”) for your unit. You can email, mail, or come in person with a copy of your deed.

 • How do I manage my visitors list with Envera?

All visitors and service/delivery providers will only be allowed community access if they are on your “visitor list.” You must set this up by contacting Envera. Once you are set up with Envera, you can register on their website. There you can manage permanent and temporary visitors including guests, contractors, food deliveries, etc. You may also call Envera Customer Service.

If a visitor shows up at the main visitor gate, there is a kiosk where they can insert their driver's license and speak with an Envera agent. If the license matches a visitor on your list, they may be allowed directly in. Envera may contact you via phone to verify if the visitor should be allowed in. You should receive a text message that a visitor has been granted access.

 • How do I allow my guests fast access with a QR code?

You can send your guests or visitors a QR Code via email or text to a phone. This will allow them quick access into the community. To view how to do this, click HERE for Envera's information page.
 • How do I setup showings if I am selling my unit?

Information how to inform Envera gate management for unit sales visits and open houses can be found HERE.

 • What are the general guidelines for using the front gates?

 - NO TAILGATING THROUGH ANY GATES. WARNING: The gate arms will close quickly behind each vehicle.  If you or your guest tailgate into the property and break a barrier arm you will be charged $680 for arm replacement.
 - As an owner, you will have white gate cards. These will open the North owner gate and the South gate. There is a white box to your right that is the reader and you need to place your card in your upper right windshield or hold it towards your passenger window.
 - If you have a guest following your home or have a visitor arriving, send them through the North visitor’s lane. The GPS address to use for the North gate is 2 Riverview Bnd N, Palm Coast, FL 32137. Some other addresses will direct your visitor to the South gate where there is no kiosk or guest access.
 - If you are expecting a large delivery truck or truck with trailer, you should notify the office of the expected delivery time so they can open the South gate.
 - Please DIRECT all large trucks/trailers to the South entrance gates. A good GPS address to use for the South gate is 190 Riverview Bnd S, Palm Coast, FL 32137.

 • What about KeyFobs for the Club Amenities?

 - As with gate passes and parking passes, the previous owner should have left you fobs.
 - If your fob is lost, stolen, damaged, or missing, you can get a replacement for $20 per fob. The old fob associated with your unit will be deactivated. Please bring in check made to: Tidelands Club
 - A maximum of two fobs are allowed per unit.

Insurance Responsibilities & Certificate Requests

 • Does the Tidelands Condominium Association Carry Insurance?

YES, Tidelands carries insurance for Property, General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Crime/Fidelity, Commercial Umbrella, and Workers Compensation. This covers the buildings and common areas. NOTE: This does not cover required unit owner Liability and Hazard insurance coverage (see below). 

 • How can I get a Certificate of Insurance from Tideland's Insurer?

The request form to receive a Certificate of Insurance can be found HERE.

Tidelands carries insurance for Property, General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Crime/Fidelity, Commercial Umbrella, and Workers Compensation. This covers the buildings and common areas. Unit owners are responsible for their own "Walls-in" coverage which includes personal property, appliances, furnishings, cabinets, personal liability, etc.

 • Are Unit Owners Required to Carry Their Own Insurance Even if I Paid Cash and Self-Insure?

YES, unit owners are required to have and are responsible for their own H-06 "Walls-in" coverage which includes personal property, appliances, furnishings, cabinets, personal liability, etc. If you have a mortgage on your condo, your mortgage company likely required you to purchase a H-06 "Walls-In" homeowners policy which likely included property damage as well as personal liability. However, if you paid cash, you may have not purchased such insurance and chosen to self insure. Though Florida state law no longer requires it, our Tidelands Declarations do require owners to carry liability and hazard coverage as noted below: 
Section 14.1 Public Liability Insurance Page 28 Last Sentence
"Each Unit Owner shall be obligated to obtain and maintain at all times and at Unit Owner's expense, liability insurance for accidents occurring in his or her Unit and, if the Unit Owner so determines, for supplementing any insurance purchased by the Association."

Section 15.1 Hazard Insurance Page 29 First Sentence
"Each Unit Owner shall be obligated to obtain and maintain at all times and at Unit Owner's expense, casualty insurance for all insurable improvements in the Unit Owner's Unit, including, but not limited to, floor coverings, wall coverings and ceiling coverings and including, without limitation, the following equipment, if any, located within or serving only his or her Unit: electrical fixtures, appliances, air conditioning or heating equipment, water heaters and built-in cabinets."

Lanais, Patios, Balconies

 • Are there rules of use for my lanai, patio, or balcony?

 - BBQ grills using propane, charcoal, wood, and any other open flame are prohibited to be used or stored on balconies, balconies, or patios (this is a STATE LAW for multi-family housing). An electric grill with a cooking surface less than or equal to 200 square inches (e.g. 20x10 inches) is allowed.
 - No bicycles shall be permitted on the lanais/balconies.
 - Each Unit Owner shall keep their Unit, including lanai/balcony in a good state of preservation and cleanliness and shall not sweep or throw or permit to be swept or thrown from the doors or windows thereof any dirt or other substance.
 - Cleaning of the lanai/balcony shall be done in a manner so as not to allow water to drip or run off the lanai/balcony.
 - It is prohibited to hang towels, laundry, rugs, or other items from the windows including porches or balconies or from any of the facades of the condominium buildings.

 • Can I paint my lanai?

NO. All changes to exteriors (lanais, decks, exterior doors) are governed by Association rules. This includes paint color, doors, window coverings (exterior face color must be white), satellite dishes are disallowed, and any items placed on lanai/deck and front entrance.

 • Should I secure my lanai during hurricane season?

All furniture and other objects shall be removed from balconies or patios during hurricane warnings and other periods of high winds. If you are away from your unit for extended periods of time, you should secure your lanai as well.

 • Can I install a Sun Shade on my lanai?

Yes, See Windows, Coverings, and Sun Shades HERE.

Mail, Package Services, and Addresses

 • How do I retrieve my United States Postal Service mail?

USPS mailbox stations are located near your building. Your previous owners should have left the mailbox keys. Note that the Tidelands Office doesn’t keep mailbox keys. If your keys are lost or stolen, you must contact the main U. S. Post Office located at: 2 Pine Cone Dr, Palm Coast, Florida.

 • How do packages typically arrive?

USPS small packages are left inside the package bins at your mailbox station (the bin's key is placed inside your mailbox on delivery). Larger package deliveries are usually left at your door. UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and most other delivery companies have access to the property and usually leave packages at your door though at times they have been known to leave them near the elevator.

 • How do I address mail or packages?

Sample address would be:

Address# Riverview Bnd S Unit YourUnit#
Palm Coast, FL 32137

Note: Addresses at 5, 15, and 25 are Riverview Bnd N. All other buildings are Riverview Bnd S.

The address number of your building is the USPS designated street address. These numbers are posted in large black numbers on the front of your building. The address numbers is not the same as the lot building numbers which are described below.

 • How do the address, building, and unit numbers work?

Building numbers were used by the developer to designate lot location on the property. Your unit number is your building #, your floor, and your unit on that floor. So unit 2115 is building 21, 1st floor, 5th unit.

Address numbers and their corresponding building numbers are:

 Street Address  Building Number & Description  Street Address  Building Number & Description
 5 Riverview Bnd N  3 (2 story townhomes)  70 Riverview Bnd S  7 (2 story townhomes)
 15 Riverview Bnd N
 2 (2 story townhomes)  75 Riverview Bnd S  16 (4 story condos 20 units)
 25 Riverview Bnd N  1 (2 story townhomes)  80 Riverview Bnd S  8 (2 story townhomes)
 35 Riverview Bnd S  18 (4 story condos 28 units)  85 Riverview Bnd S  15 (4 story condos 20 units)
 45 Riverview Bnd S  19 (4 story condos 28 units)  95 Riverview Bnd S  14 (3 story condos)
 55 Riverview Bnd S  20 (4 story condos 28 units) 115 Riverview Bnd S   21 (4 story condos 28 units)
 60 Riverview Bnd S  6 (2 story townhomes) 190 Riverview Bnd S  10 (2 story townhomes)
 65 Riverview Bnd S 17 (3 story condos) 200 Riverview Bnd S  9  (2 story townhomes)

Empty lots owned by the current development owner are 2 story townhome lots 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, and 4 story condo lots 22, 23, and 24. As of 2023 there are no known plans to develop these lots.

Maintenance Responsibilities by Owners & the Association

Owner’s maintenance and repair responsibilities are covered in section 19.1 of the Declaration. In general, owners are responsible for repair, maintenance, or replacement related to their units. For specific details see section 19.1 of the Declaration.

Owner Responsibilities

 • What are Common and Limited Common Elements?

Common elements are all parts of the buildings and associated property other than the units themselves. A limited common element is a common element that is restricted for the exclusive use the assigned unit owners. A unit's lanai, assigned garage, or storage unit is considered a limited common element and is therefore subject to the same rules as common elements.

 • As a Unit Owner, what Maintenance and Repairs am I Responsible for?

In general, anything inside your unit or in your assigned limited common element (lanai, garage, storage unit) is your responsibility including items such as:

Electrical Fixtures All window panes Maintenance and repair work within the Unit 
Plumbing & Water Heaters All interior surfaces Garage door opener
Appliances All exterior doors including casings and hardware Damage garage or storage unit interior
A/C and heating equipment (including on the roof or outside) Lanai screen or rail repair if due to Owner's negligence or misuse Damage to the garage door due to Owner's negligence or misuse
Built-in cabinets

If a Unit Owner fails to perform above mentioned maintenance responsibilities, the Unit Owner shall be expressly responsible for any damages and liabilities resulting from deferred maintenance.

Note: If damage is caused by an insurable property event, the association may be responsible. Call the office if an outside event caused damage.

 • As an Owner am I Responsible for Controlling Moisture in my Unit?

YES. Moisture can occur not only from water intrusion (plumbing leaks, rain, groundwater, appliances, etc.), but also from indoor relative humidity. Unit Owners must regularly inspect their Units for plumbing leaks, water accumulation near the foundation (after rainfall or lawn watering), water intrusion through windows, doors and roofs or any signs of mold. Each Unit Owner is required to perform regular maintenance and inspections of their Unit and HVAC system. It is important to run your air conditioner/heating units/dehumidifiers even when you are not staying in your Unit.

 • What do I Need to Consider if Altering My Unit?

You may not make any structural modifications to a Unit and/or the Condominium Property without the Board's prior written consent. You may not alter parts of the building maintained by the association such as common areas or exteriors including lanais. You may not combine units.

Licensed contractors must be used for alterations. The Unit Alteration Form is located HERE. Be aware that some types of work inside your condo unit may require a permit before the work, such as new construction or modifications, can be performed. The best approach is to reach out to the office before you begin.

 • Can I Install Alternative Flooring?

YES. HOWEVER, there are very specific requirements for units above the first floor. See The Alternative Flooring Request Form HERE.

 • Am I Allowed to Paint My Lanai or Make Other Changes to Common Elements?

NO. Unit Owners shall NOT paint, refurbish, stain, alter, decorate, repair, replace or change the Common Elements or any outside or exterior portion of the Condominium maintained by the Association, including lanais/balconies, door or window framing (except for replacing window panes), etc. No Unit Owner shall have any exterior lighting fixtures, mail boxes, window screens, screen doors, awnings, hurricane shutters, hardware or similar items installed without first obtaining specific written approval of the Board.

 • Does the Association Need Access to My Unit, Garage, and Storage Unit?

YES. As per Florida State Statute, the association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable hours, when necessary for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any common elements or of any portion of a unit to be maintained by the association pursuant to the declaration or as necessary to prevent damage to the common elements or to a unit. The agents and employees of the Association and any contractor or worker authorized by the Association may enter any Unit at any reasonable hour of the day for the purposes permitted and pursuant to the terms of the Condominium Documents. Entry will be made by arrangement with the Unit Owner, except under circumstances deemed an emergency by the Association or the manager, if any, in which case, access is deemed permitted regardless of the hour.

If you change your door locks, key codes, or garage door codes, please contact the office with spare keys and codes. There may be a lockout fee if the office does not have access.

 • Am I Responsible for My Own Air Conditioning System & Lines?

YES. Air-conditioning units and service lines regarding any such air conditioning units which serve only one (1) Unit shall be maintained, replaced or repaired by the Unit Owner whose Unit is serviced by the air conditioning unit by licensed air
conditioning contractors authorized to do such work by the Board; provided, however, that if any repair or alteration is to be made in any Common Elements and/or Association Property, the Board shall approve all such work.

 • Am I Responsible for Damage I or My Invited Guests Cause?

A Unit Owner shall be liable for the expense of any maintenance, repair or replacement of any real or personal property rendered necessary by his or her act, negligence or carelessness, or by that of his or her Invitees (normal wear and tear excepted). Such liability shall include the cost of repairing broken windows. A Unit Owner shall also be liable for any personal injuries caused by his or her negligent acts or those of his or her Invitees. Nothing herein contained, however, shall be construed so as to modify any waiver
by insurance companies of rights of subrogation.

Association Responsibilities

The Association’s maintenance and repair responsibilities is covered in section 19.2 of the Declaration. In general, the association is responsible for repair, maintenance, or replacement for Improvements, Utilities, Compliance, Adjacent Property, and Joint Use Areas. See Section 19.2 of the Declaration for details.

 • Who does Tidelands Landscaping?

Tidelands maintains a landscape contract with VerdeGo. Any issues with landscaping should be referred to the office. There are contracts for the COA, Club, and Cost Share properties. The contracts are available in the Document Center under Contracts. These documents state the frequency of mowing, pruning, and other services throughout a year.

Tidelands is a large property and is divided into four sections. Mowing, Edging, and Trimming usually takes in all four sections during a week up to 40 times a year. However, deep dive sessions such as weeding may take place in one section per week. Therefore each section may only receive attention once monthly. Bush pruning occur around 8 times a year. The Building and Grounds committee and the Board of Directors review and propose landscape improvement projects and tree trimming over the course of the year.

 • How do I submit a Maintenance Request?

You may submit a maintenance request HERE. You may want to follow up with the office with photos. Please note the staff is not obligated and in most cases not allowed to perform routine maintenance tasks in your unit unless the issue is with common elements.

Meetings, Board of Directors, Committees, Voting

 • When is the Annual Meeting and Election held?

The Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Election is held in early December. The first meeting notice and candidate request mailing is sent in October to your postal address of record on file at the management office. The second meeting notice is postmarked in November at least 14 days prior to the Annual Meeting which includes ballots, proxies, and candidate information. Each owner has one vote per unit owned. For the election, votes may be cast in person at the annual meeting, via absentee ballot, or electronic voting if approved by the board for that vote. For the election, votes may not be cast by limited or general proxy.

 • How can I sign up for Electronic Voting for Upcoming Elections?

Per Florida statutes, unit owners must sign a written consent to participate in electronic voting for condominium associations. An opt-in form will be provided and if signed and returned to the management office 14 days prior to the election, the owner may participate in electronic voting until they opt-out. If you do not sign an opt-in form and vote electronically, your vote may be voided. Forms starting in 2024 will be available in the office or on the website. A successful electronic vote also counts towards the Annual Meeting quorum.

 • How are Board of Director meetings posted?

Board of Directors and Committee meetings are posted on the MEETING NOTICES web page and and bulletin boards across the property. Meeting agendas must be posted 48 hours in advance.

 • Am I allowed to attend the meetings?

If you are a unit owner, you may and are encouraged to attend Board and Committee meetings. Tenants are not allowed to attend. Board meetings usually have an online video conference option such as Zoom. Owners in attendance may speak for up to three minutes on items that are on the agenda.

 • How many directors are on the Board?

There are five directors serving two year terms. Three directors are elected one year and two directors the next. Board positions include the President, Vice-Presidents (1st, 2nd, etc as designated), Treasurer, Secretary, and At Large. Upon election at the December Annual Meeting, board members will determine their officers and immediately start or continue their terms. The current Board Members are located HERE.

 • How may I Address the Board?

You may complete the Address the Board Form HERE. If your item is placed on the board meeting agenda, you will be given an opportunity to speak. You may mark your request Keep Private but it may not be addressed at the next board meeting.

 • Are there standing committees at Tidelands?

Tidelands has several standing committees that help the Board with important tasks. Unit owners in good standing may serve on committees and are encouraged to do so. Committees include Buildings & Grounds, Club, Cost Share, Communications, Compliance, Contracts, Fining, Strategic Planning, and Social. The Social committee acts on their own within board guidelines but holds its funds separate from the association budget.

Palm Coast, Flagler Tax Collector, Police

 • Where do I get my auto registration, drivers license, property, and other tax collector information?

The Flagler Tax Collector’s office (click HERE) provides registration and several types of licenses for Flagler County. You must apply for Florida Drivers License within 30 days after establishing residency. The same site has property tax and homestead information.

 • How do I contact the Police?

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency (386) 313-4911 Emergency – 911
Palm Coast does not have it's own city police force and contracts with the Sheriff's Office for police services.

 • Are there some useful websites you recommend?

At the top of this page, hover over the Useful Websites menu item for useful local, weather, or Tidelands related websites.

Parking, Passes, Vehicles, Citations

 • Where can I find parking information for Tidelands?

The main web page for all parking information is Parking in Tidelands located HERE. Parking is somewhat limited with high demand for front row spots and the locations of garages limit some second and third row spots. Thus Tidelands has stringent rules for parking.

 • Do I need to display a parking pass?

All parked vehicles should display a parking pass via a hang tag, on the windshield, or on the dash. This includes vehicles in guest parking. For all information about parking passes, see the Parking Passes FAQ HERE.

Note: Service vehicles such as contractors or deliveries performing work for residents during normal business hours are allowed to park without a tag.

 • How many cars can I have?

Owners may have no more than two cars per unit at any time. Note that if you have a garage you must keep it in order such that you can park a car in your garage. Using a garage entirely for storage is prohibited. Check out the Parking in Tidelands located HERE.

 • Can I park my RV, boat, trailer, or motorcycle?

Boats, golf carts, mopeds, mobile homes, campers, recreation vehicles, trailers, and commercial passenger vans are not permitted to be parked in vehicle spaces or anywhere on the common area of the Condominium Property.

Motorcycles may be parked only in garages.

Vehicles involved in moving are allowed temporary parking but should be removed from the property as soon as possible.

Note that the City of Palm Coast has restrictions on signage and equipment on vehicles parked overnight.

 • Will parking citations be issued?

YES. During the day, Illegal and Front Row parking will be enforced. Note that service vehicles are allowed to park in the front row during normal business hours. Overnight, all parking will be enforced. Violations of the parking rules will result in a citation. See Parking in Tidelands above for more information. You may also report Parking Violations HERE.

Pest Control

 • Does Tidelands use a Pest Control company?

Yes. Home Team Pest Defense performs pest control around the building exteriors and landscaping.

 • Can I use the Pest Control company for my own unit?

Yes. Home Team Pest Defense customer service is (386) 271-0656. Call To Schedule Service. Please note that if the service requested is inside your unit, it is at your cost.


 • What pets are allowed?

Per Declaration section 18.8, dogs and cats up to two total combined may be kept or maintained in or about the Condominium Property. Owners may also keep in his or her Unit a reasonable number of smaller generally recognized household pets such as fish, birds or hamsters, subject to such rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Board. No Unit Owner may keep any non-traditional or exotic animals, including, but not limited to, snakes, reptiles, monkeys, raccoons, rats, spiders, ferrets, squirrels, pot-bellied pigs, ornamental chickens or other poultry or livestock or game animals in his or her Unit. No Unit Owner may keep, breed or maintain any pet for any commercial purpose.

 • What happens if my dog is unattended, a nuisance or dangerous?

No pet shall be left unattended outside of a Unit or in any lanai/balcony, storage unit, garage, or any other common elements.

If a dog or any other animal becomes obnoxious or dangerous to other Unit Owners by barking or otherwise, the Unit Owner thereof must correct the problem; or, if it is not corrected, the Unit Owner, upon written notice by the Association, will be required to permanently remove the animal from the Condominium Property.

 • Does my dog need to be on a leash?

YES. Permitted dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while on the Common Elements.

 • Are there dog waste stations?

YES.  Owners of Pets are required to clean up after Pets. There are several dog waste stations along the walking paths with bags and a waste container. There is no excuse to leave pet waste on the property.

Request Estoppel / Records

 • How can I request Estoppel Letter/Certification?

For Information for how to request Estoppels from Artemis, click HERE.

 • How can I request Association Records?

For Information for how to request Association Records, click HERE.

Rules, Regulations, Declarations, Rentals

 • What are the Rules, Regulations, and Declarations in Tidelands?

The Rules, Regulations, and Declarations webpage is a complete source for all documents pertaining to these. Click HERE.

 • What are the Quiet Hours?

Observed daily from 10 pm to 7 am. This includes common elements and limited common elements with includes lanais. Owners should take care to avoid loud noises such as shuffling chairs, running washers, and elevated audio noises during quiet hours.

 • Are there restrictions on renting my unit short term?

Tidelands is a residential community and as such the Association and the Property Management company does not support vacation rental properties. As of February 6, 2020, Short Term Rental of Tideland’s units (condominiums) are not permitted except for units purchased and grandfathered prior to that date (see list below). Long term rentals (30-days or greater) are permitted subject to execution of the Renters Lease Clause (contact the office for details).
 • To view the Declaration Modifications for Short Term Rental Prohibition, click HERE.
 • To view the current Grandfathered Short Term Rental Units, click HERE.
Note once a unit has sold after February 6, 2020 per the Flagler County Property Appraisers Office, it is removed from this list and the new owners may not rent short term.

Social Events

 • Does Tidelands have social events?

YES. The Social Committee plans events through out the year usually at least once per month. These are posted on the main home page and in the calendar. In addition, a list of daily, weekly, and monthly fun activities are posted on the main home page.

Trash and Recycling

 • How is trash and recycling handled?

All trash must be disposed of properly. There are several trash stations (behind stucco, white fence enclosures) located throughout the community. Dumpsters are normally emptied Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.

Recycling is currently not performed in Tidelands due to issues with residents placing nonrecyclable materials in the recycling containers. If you wish to recycle (and we encourage you to do so), Flagler County offers cardboard/paper recycling and household hazardous waste collection facility for county residents (drop off at no cost) — in limited quantities of less than 100 pounds per month. This facility is located at 1700 South Old Kings Road, about 1.5 miles south of State Road 100.

 • Can I throw away furniture, electronics, or large items?

Absolutely NOT. If you violate dumpster rules, you will be subject to fines. Please:
 • DON’T dispose of large items (larger than a large garbage bag) in the dumpster.
 • DO break down boxes so everyone can get more into the dumpster.
 • DO contact the CAM to coordinate a pickup, call a commercial company to pick up the item, or call a service organization to come pick up the item as a donation (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, etc.).
 • DO take paint, pesticides, rechargeable batteries, and small electronics to the Flagler Co. Landfill, 1700 Old Kings Rd S, Flagler Beach 386-517-2075. See for details.
 • DO take furniture, construction materials, or other large items to Environmental Land Services of Flagler County, 1841 N State St, Bunnell 386-447-2222. See for details.

 • What do I do if a dumpster is full?

If a dumpster is full, DO NOT place any items outside or around the dumpster. Our trash service will not pick it up and it will create a huge mess around the dumpsters. Please go to another dumpster on the property including the one at the tennis courts.

Utilities - Water, Electric, Cable TV, and Internet

 • How do I set up my Water account?

To set up your water account, contact the City of Palm Coast Utility Department.  This can be done via mail, or in person, or online at the city’s website ( Their office location is: 2 Utility Dr, Palm Coast, Florida. 

 • How do I set up my Electric account?

To set up you electricity account, call Florida Power & Light – (800) 226-3545 or visit their website (

 • Does Tidelands have Cable TV and Internet?

Your monthly Association assessment fee includes Spectrum TV and Internet services. The Tidelands/Spectrum contract includes:
 • One cable modem for Internet speeds up to 400Mbps
 • One wireless router
 • Two cable TV boxes for local, basic cable, and music channels.
Additional equipment may be added at your additional cost (e.g. Phone, DVR, etc). In most cases, you can self install the equipment using existing cable coaxial jacks.

Note that devices such as Roku’s, Smart TV's, or smart phones with the Spectrum app can be used to view all Spectrum programming without the need for a cable TV box. If connected to your unit's wireless router, the app will not even require a login.

To activate your Spectrum account, add more channels or equipment (beyond the Association contract) or other services, contact Spectrum at: (855) 222-0102 ask for sales. The prior owner of your unit was required to return the Spectrum equipment or be charged a fee. You may ask Spectrum to have your equipment shipped next day for self installations or schedule an installation (which may include an installation fee). It is recommended you call first as Spectrum will ship equipment next day free of charge. If needed you can visit the Spectrum local store at: 250 Palm Coast Pkwy NE Ste 408, Palm Coast, FL 32137 (near Publix at Island Walk).

Water Leaks and Sewer Backups

 • Who is responsible if water leaks or sewer backups from outside my unit damage my unit?

This is a complicated subject and below are links for additional reading. In general, you are responsible for walls-in damages to your own unit and the source unit responsible for their own damages. This is often the case for a non-negligent act such as an unexpected toilet, tub, or shower drain leak. However, if a leak is due to an owner's negligence such as leaving their water supply on when leaving for an extended period of time, ignoring or deferring maintenance, or a deliberate act, they may be required to pay all damages. The association may have some responsibility for damages between floors, to common elements, or for drywall replacement (not paint or texture). In cases of contractor error such as a plumber caused leak, the contractor's liability insurance may apply.

In any case, document as much as possible and work with your neighbors, your insurance company, and the association. In some cases insurance companies may invoke a subrogation process to work out insurance details with impacted parties.

Carefully read the following resources for more accurate information. Note Tidelands does not endorse any of the firms below.

Windows, Coverings, Sun Shades

 • Are there rules for window coverings?

All draperies, curtains, shades or other window or door coverings installed within a Unit which are visible from the exterior of the Unit and other portions of Tidelands shall have a white backing unless otherwise approved in writing by the Board.

 • Can I place an air conditioner or fan in my window?

NO. Air conditioners or fans may not be installed in windows or doors unless otherwise approved in writing by the Board.

 • Can I install a Sun Shade on my lanai?

Yes, subject to restrictions found in the policy document found HERE.