Parking in Tidelands

 • Residents of Tidelands are allowed a maximum of two vehicles for overnight parking.
 • Owners can obtain two permanent parking passes for their two vehicles.
 • A Guest Pass is also provided to all owners.
 • Owners can request (or make their own) limited number of Temporary Passes.
 • All overnight vehicles must display a valid parking pass.
 • To avoid a fine or vehicle tow, please make yourself familiar with our parking rules.

Parking Policy

The authoritative document on parking at Tidelands is the Parking Policy for Tidelands Condominium Association, Inc. (TCOA-Parking-Policy-rev-1_5b). If you have any question about how parking works in Tidelands, this is the document for you.

Parking Passes

There are five different parking pass colors in Tidelands (see Parking Passes FAQ).

We also have a separate website, Parking Pass Website, for managing the parking passes. Any Tidelands owner can request a user on the site. The website is independent of the Tidelands Website and managed by a Tidelands owner. Access is free. You simply need to be a Tidelands COA owner. Users of the website can:
 • Create their own temporary parking passes
 • Request replacement parking passes
 • View a listing of their existing parking passes.

Parking Violations

Parking is enforced by a patrol service that operates between the hours of midnight and 6am ("overnight parking hours").
 • During overnight parking hours, all rules in the parking policy document are enforced.
 • Outside of the overnight parking hours, only select rules are enforced:
   (1) Illegal parking (parking on any Tidelands COA property outside of a marked parking space, garage, or townhome driveway.)
   (2) Parking in the front-row of a condominium building without a Red Pass.

Violations outside of these hours can be reported using the Parking Violations form (under the Owner Forms menu).