Tidelands Board of Directors for 2024

Officer Position Name  Current Term
President Elliott Moeser 2024 - 2024*
Vice President Brett Simmerman 2024 - 2025
Treasurer Paul Seppala 2023 - 2024
Secretary Lynn Gaddis 2024 - 2025
Member At Large Bill Aldridge 2023 - 2024
* - one year term due to vacancy

Election Results December 9th, 2023
2 x Two Year seats ending in 2025 and 1 x One Year seat open due to vacancy ending in 2024 were available to four candidates (the fourth being Mike Gulli). A minimum of 51 votes (20% of 252 units) were required for a valid election. Validated electronic and paper ballots were used in this election.

Lynn Gaddis received 67 votes and therefore took a two year seat.
Elliott Moeser & Brett Simmerman received 66 votes each and a coin flip determined that Brett would take the other two year seat & Elliott would take the one year seat.

After the election, the new board held an open Organizational Meeting for nominations and voting of Officers resulting in the positions noted above.